Flower Care

A Florist's Guide to Fresh Eucalyptus Care and Maintenance

  1. Open your boxes and inspect your Fresh Eucalyptus Flower. Remove Fresh Eucalyptus Branches from box by cutting any straps. Do not remove the tie bands holding the flowers together in a bunch.

  2. Fill containers with at least 3-5 inches of fresh, cool water. Mix flower food in the water to prevent bacteria and give added nutrients to the flowers. If you do not have flower food, it can be purchased at any local florist.

  3. Remove any leaves from the Fresh Eucalyptus Branches that fall below the waterline of your vase. Care should be taken not to damage the stem. The reason for removing any leaves below the waterline is to prevent the growth of bacteria which could cause premature wilting.

  4. Cut stems diagonally using sharp scissors or a knife, approximately 1/2 to 1 inch from the stem’s bottom edge. An angled cut will allow for a larger surface area for water absorption and prevents the ends of your stems from sitting flat in the container blocking water absorption. Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared water.

  5. Allow Fresh Eucalyptus Flowers (Branches) at least 3-5 hours to hydrate well. Most Fresh Eucalyptus flowers will take up to 6 to 10 hours to properly hydrate.

  6. Keep All Fresh Eucalyptus Branches in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.

  7. Change water every 18-24 hours and re-cut stems every 24 to 48 hours to keep Eucalyptus fresh. Assure that your Fresh Eucalyptus have sufficient water. The Fresh Eucalyptus will drink an exceptionally large amount of water upon arrival.

  8. Now, enjoy your Fresh Eucalyptus!